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Diesel Motorcycles Gaining Attention

Will there be enough interest in diesel motorcycles for them to move into the mainstream? With electric motorcycles and scooters being developed at a fairly rapid pace these days, it seems diesel motorcycles would currently have a big advantage of very long distance riding range and fuel efficiency.

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Traffic Lights and Motorcycles

The best way to get a traffic light to change when you are on a motorcycle is to stop directly on top of the line in the road where the loop detector sensor is.

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Best motorcycle tires for the street

Motorcycle tires size code is structured: (1) Section Width, (2) Aspect Ratio, (3) Construction, and (4) Rim Diameter. After the size code, there is description code that includes (5) the M/C for motorcycle, (6) Load Index number, (7) Speed Index letter, and (8) Tube or Tubeless code.

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Motorcycle Insurance Advice for Tough Times

Check your motorcycle insurance because the Insurance Research Council has reported that even though the number of uninsured drivers dropped to 13.8% in 2007, the bad economy is pushing the forecast up for uninsured drivers in 2010 to more than 16%.

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Motorcycle Insurance Rates and How to Lower Them

One key to getting the best motorcycle insurance quotes online is to be prepared. You will be asked how many years you have been riding, which specific motorcycle you want to insure, you may also need to provide your drivers license number and your social security number. I found it very easy and convenient to go online to gather motorcycle insurance rates from well respected insurance companies.

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