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used street bike for sale

Used street bikes and what to look for

When evaluating a used street bike for potential purchase, there are many things you should look for, as we explain some of those here. If you have friends that know a lot about motorcycles, bring them with you. If you have the chance to bring it to a motorcycle mechanic before committing to buy it, then do so. A few bucks invested up front might save you thousands later, and might also give you some negotiating power.

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Battery maintainer Battery Tender Junior

Motorcycle battery maintainer a must for the off-season

A battery maintainer is one of the most popular and most useful gadgets that any motorcycle owner can have. The Battery Tender Junior is by far the most popular battery maintainer on the market.

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how to shut a motorcycle engine off using the kill switch

How to ride a motorcycle – a beginner’s guide

Instructions for how to ride a motorcycle for beginning riders should be learned at a rider safety course. Here we explain some basic motorcycle information about starting the engine, using the brakes, how to shift gears,and more.

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Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

Italian motorcycles, such as Ducati and Moto Guzzi, have had a long history of having dry clutches. BMW has used dry clutches as well. By listening carefully, sometimes you can actually hear if a motorcycle has a dry clutch because a dry clutch often will rattle a little as long as the clutch lever is held in while the engine is running.

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Five things motorcyclists can do before winter

Before winter strikes, it is a really good time for motorcyclists to take care of some simple maintenance and to have some fun too. Take a look at these five things motorcycle and scooter riders can do this autumn.

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