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Supermoto motard motorcycle

Supermoto motard motorcycles buyer’s guide

Supermoto or motard motorcycles can be great for commuting, so power is not the critical feature when selecting motards. As with any motorcycle, what matters is how you comfortable you feel on it and whether the bike caters to your riding needs.

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Victory trike motorcycle from Lehman Trikes

Trike Motorcycles and Conversion Kits

Trike motorcycles are really getting better as manufacturers are making better engineered conversion kits, more attractive body panels and more dealers networks to build, support and service trike motorcycles.

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5 best beginner motorcycles of 2009

First of the five top beginner motorcycle picks for 2009, and perhaps of all-time is the Honda Rebel. It has great looks and style, a fantastic reputation and reasonable sticker price for a beginner motorcycle.

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Laverda motorcycles and the 1000 Jota

Laverda motorcycles had the inline triple cylinder 981cc engine. The model name was the 1000 JOTA, which came in 1976. This Laverda was a true powerhouse in its day, even with 2 valves per cylinder, it was pushing 100 hp and 140 miles per hour.

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Honda Interceptor VF750F v-four memories

The Honda Interceptor four cylinder liquid-cooled V45 engine was very smooth in the VF750F. I never had a problem with it. I believe it was basically the same engine Honda used in the popular Sabre and Magna motorcycles. Other VF750F features I remember appreciating were the adjustable suspension.

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