Scooters and Mopeds

Hybrid Motorcycles and Scooters

In case 80 mpg or 100 mpg isn’t enough, electric and hybrid motorcycles and scooters are being developed now by more companies, such as Intelligent Energy and Hybrid Dynamics.

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Mopeds at the Beach

Over and over, day after day, that moped scooter sound and music started to get on my nerves. Even my kids were saying, oh no, here he comes again! I don’t know where we rode off to to replenish his stock, but that cooler seemed like a bottomless pit of ice cream bars. I give him a lot of credit though, that scooter cost him practically nothing to run, was easy to place where ever he wanted to set up, and was very kid-friendly.

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A scooter is not a dirt bike, or is it?

We thought it would be more fun to turn our Vespa riding into a flat track competition in the backyard on an impromptu lawn course. It was when we hosed down our new “track” that things really got fun!

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