Scooters and Mopeds

ScooterGirls: Models on Motor Scooters!

When ScooterGirls, Inc. has about 30 attractive models riding motor scooters wearing cool outfits as part of a mobile advertising event, you can imagine that they catch the attention of a lot of people, and not just because of the scooter! What else are ScooterGirls up to these days?

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Harley-Davidson Topper scooter with sidecar 1963

Harley-Davidson Scooters and Mopeds

Harley-Davidson scooters, named the Topper, were made for only 5 years, beginning in 1960. Today, these Harley scooters are very collectible and often restored. Another fun little motor scooter from Harley Davidson and Aermacchi during the 60’s was the M50.

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Motor Scooters to the Max!

If you don’t have confidence in balancing on two-wheeled scooters, maxi scooters or motorcycles, and you have a physical limitation against putting too much weight on one leg, then don’t worry, there is a maxi scooter just for you too!

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Dual Piaggio MP3 scooter riders finish their adventure

They started out on their Piaggio MP3 scooters in San Francisco, California a month earlier and headed out for the Lincoln Highway through America.

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Senior Citizens on Cross-Country Scooter Ride

The Piaggio MP3 scooter, with it’s stability, has been catching on with the older riders all over the world. Saving money on gas is a priority for almost everyone now, and scooters are fast-growing alternative form of transportation.

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