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HJC FS2 helmet air vents

Open face motorcycle helmet review of HJC FS-2

Our HJC FS-2 helmet review was driven by the cost benefit we enjoy from it. We bought it on sale from a local motorcycle gear store for about $50 with tax. It has proven to be everything we wanted in a hot-weather helmet. For that price, finding another DOT-approved helmet as nice as this one would be a big challenge.

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Frank Thomas Air Rider motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets for hot weather riding

Mesh motorcycle jackets have become extremely popular because they keep you cool by allowing air to flow freely through them. Before buying any mesh motorcycle jacket, beware they mostly work as designed – they really let a lot of air though. If you want to wear a mesh motorcycle jacket for more than just the hottest riding conditions, then make sure it has a removable liner or removable wind blocking exterior panels.

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Plas-Tec plastc cleaner and polish for helmet and face shield

Plastic cleaner for motorcycles, helmets and windscreens

Here I explain exactly how I use Plas-Tec ® plastic cleaner to make my motorcycle helmet look like new again, as well as give you my thoughts about the product (not a paid review).

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Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves Review

The cold weather motorcycle gloves arrived in just a couple days, and were actually better than I expected! Gauntlet motorcycle gloves go over the ends of your jacket sleeves to keep out the air. These fit great and are extremely comfortable!

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KBC VR-2 Helmet Review

One feature I liked on the KBC VR-2 helmet was the padding at the chin strap that helps keep the strap from digging in to the skin on your neck. Another important feature was the quality of the padding inside the helmet. The padding is removable for washing and covers the inside of the helmet very nicely.

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