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Tourmaster Rain Boot Covers

Riding Test of Tourmaster Boot Covers

Why do I wear Tourmaster Rain Boot Covers? Because they are comfortable and I have good feel for the shift and brake levers with them, plus the soles have very good traction at stops even when wet.

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motorcycle on harbor freight lift

Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Review

I needed to get my 1100cc motorcycle off the ground high enough to remove both wheels. I bought this Harbor Freight 2792 motorcycle lift on sale for $99 and it did the job pretty well for me. I explain here how I assembled and used it.

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MOTO-D motorcycle undersuit worn under jacket

Undersuit makes riding more comfortable

A motorcycle undersuit is a clever solution for a much more comfortable ride, whether you are on the street or on the track. I tried one of these recently on a ride I took around the back roads of North Carolina on a warm Autumn day. The actual undersuit that I tried out is the latest hot weather version from MOTO-D Racing.

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Proficient Motorcycling Book by David Hough

Proficient Motorcycling book is a favorite read

If I could recommend just one book for motorcycle riders, it would beĀ “Proficient Motorcycling” by David Hough. Reading this 288 page book has really helped me on my journey to…

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Olympia 150 mesh motorcycle gloves

Mesh motorcycle gloves for hot weather riding

Not because they cost less than $20, but I choose these mesh motorcycle gloves over so many others because of the genuine leather. I have not found any acceptable substitute for leather when it comes to motorcycle gloves. The great thing about the Olympia 150 gloves is that they have leather where you need it and nylon mesh where you don’t.

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