BMW G650 X Challenge 2007

BMW recall for K1200, R1200, F650, F800 and G650

BMW motorcycles have multiple new recalls this June for several variations of their popular F650 and F800 models, the G650 and also for more than 15,500 units of the R1200 and K1200 series motorcycles.

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how to shut a motorcycle engine off using the kill switch

How to ride a motorcycle – a beginner’s guide

Instructions for how to ride a motorcycle for beginning riders should be learned at a rider safety course. Here we explain some basic motorcycle information about starting the engine, using the brakes, how to shift gears,and more.

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Italika RT 200 motorcycle

Italika motorcycles becomes most popular in Mexico

Italkia has motorcycles, scooters and atvs have engine sizes ranging from 90cc to 200cc rated from 5hp to 15hp and have taken over as most popular brand selling in Mexico.

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Frank Thomas Air Rider motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets for hot weather riding

Mesh motorcycle jackets have become extremely popular because they keep you cool by allowing air to flow freely through them. Before buying any mesh motorcycle jacket, beware they mostly work as designed – they really let a lot of air though. If you want to wear a mesh motorcycle jacket for more than just the hottest riding conditions, then make sure it has a removable liner or removable wind blocking exterior panels.

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worldwide motorcycle awareness ride can you see me now

Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride

Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride encourages all motorcyclists to get out an ride for one hour or more on Sunday May 23, 2010 as part of the first annual ride. Join a riding group or start one in your area!

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