Suzuki RE5 rotary motorcycle engine from 1976

Rotary engine on a motorcycle from Suzuki

The Suzuki RE5 rotary engine motorcycle was quite an unusual street bike when introduced in 1975. From the retractable blue tubular cover on the gauges to the matching, but red tubular tail light cover, this weird motorcycle is still interesting to behold.

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Battery maintainer Battery Tender Junior

Motorcycle battery maintainer a must for the off-season

A battery maintainer is one of the most popular and most useful gadgets that any motorcycle owner can have. The Battery Tender Junior is by far the most popular battery maintainer on the market.

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Harley-Davidson snowmobile 440

Harley snowmobile 40th anniversary

The Harley snowmobile was introduced for the 1971 model year and ended with the 1975 models. We looks back 40 years at the Harley-Davidson Y398 and Y440 snowmobiles.

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Salsbury scooters largest super scooter

Salsbury scooters from Motor Glide to a giant Super Scooter

Salsbury scooters, unlike most other motorcycles and scooters of that time period, eventually had foot-operated controls and maxi scooter size. The idea was to make it easier to operate, like a car with a brake pedal and a gas pedal.

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Piaggio MP3 scooter hybrid

Piaggio MP3 scooter update: 300 LT hybrid

The Piaggio MP3 manages to combine the riding experience of a motorcycle with the stability and convenience of a trike. It looks a little different than other maxi-scooters because of the unusual pair of wheels up front, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t fun to ride!

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