V8 Motorcycle from 1950s Still Awesome Today

With motorcycle engine sizes getting larger then ever, it seems that sticking a V8 engine into a motorcycle frame is not as crazy of an idea as it used to be.

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Mesh Motorcycle Jackets are Cool Protection

When shopping for a warm weather textile motorcycle jacket, The main things to look for are materials, removable CE armor, removable liner, and the type of ventilation it has. Materials usually vary with price, but highest price often does not equate to best material. You will see textile material brand names like Cordura, Polytitanium, and Carbolex; and fabric terms like denier and ballistic. All of these names and terms can be very confusing when trying to make a smart choice.

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valmobile folding scooter

Valmobile Scooter can Unfold and Go

Valmobile folding scooters were made in Japan during the 1950’s and 60’s. They were often referred to as Suitcase Scooters because they folded down into something that looked very much like a suitcase.

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JDRF charity ride

JDRF Charity Ride with Brothers Air & Heat

When I heard about the JDRF Ride for a Cure, I was more than happy to sign up, but once I got there and learned more about what having diabetes is like for Hannah and other children like her, it really woke me up as to what the ride was all about. I also found out afterwords that North Carolina, the state I live in, has the highest rate of diabetes in the USA.

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kyle petty and john clay at charity ride

2009 Kyle Petty Charity Ride Scheduled

A real cool way to participate in the Kyle Petty Charity Ride is through Dream Teams. A Dream Team is a local effort that anyone can put together to raise contributions for the charity. Whenever the Kyle Petty Charity Ride makes it’s stops along the cross-country route, Dream Teams from that surrounding area will be able to present their contribution and will be recognized for their efforts.

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