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motorcycle seat tape

Motorcycle seats and seat pad buyer’s guide

Good aftermarket motorcycle seats and seat pads will help your riding stamina and enjoyment. If you’ve had back problems or burning pain at end of your ride, you know what we’re talking about.

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modular motorcycle helmet

Modular helmet buyer’s guide for fast-lane flip up full face

What is a modular helmet? It is a full face flip-up motorcycle helmet that has a hinged front chin section that flips open. Pretty convenient, huh? So, why doesn’t everyone where a modular helmet?

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Power Commander lcd screen for motorcycles

Power Commander for motorcycle performance

A Power Commander is used for altering the electronic “brain” that controls the way your motorcycle runs. It is used for controlling the fuel and ignition curves that make your engine perform. Normally, the motorcycle manufacturer’s program is optimized for things like fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions standards compliance, performance for typical street cruising rpm, and to function well with all the factory engine system components, including semi-restricted air intake flow, and semi-restrictive exhaust flow, etc.

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Motorcycle rain jacket not just for rain

I usually wear this motorcycle rain jacket over a lightly insulated casual jacket. The Motoboss Stormguard jacket I bought is 3/4 length, so a short jacket under it stays out of view. When it’s warmer outside, I just wear a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt under it and have been completely comfortable.

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Motorcycle Sidecar buyer’s guide

Motorcycle sidecars are not something that most folks see everyday. But in the world of motorcycles, how can you not think about the sidecar? Some images that come to my mind are the WWII-era military bikes from Harley-Davidson, BMW and others, but sidecars have come a long way since then.

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