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worldwide motorcycle awareness ride can you see me now

Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride

Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride encourages all motorcyclists to get out an ride for one hour or more on Sunday May 23, 2010 as part of the first annual ride. Join a riding group or start one in your area!

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Kyle Petty Charity Ride: California to North Carolina

he Kyle Petty Charity Ride and it’s sponsors also present significant donations to various local charities along the ride’s route. This annual motorcycle event really is much, much more than a cross-country motorcycle ride. It gets involved with and benefits more kids, families and charities than the general public may see or hear beyond the rumble of all the motorcycles.

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Piaggio MP3 scooter with ride by wire technology

Piaggio MP3 300 i.e. scooter engine features ride-by-wire throttle technology to operate the throttle body for the electronic fuel injection.

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Harley Davidson Pacer 1963

Classic Harley-Davidson Hummers

The “new for you in ’62” line-up included the classic Harley-Davidson Pacer with a new more powerful Harley 175cc two-stroke engine. It was boasted as being “ideal transportation for funning, sunning, work, school or play”. That same year, the Harley Davidson Scat came equipped with a tuned exhaust system making it “red-hot for action”.

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Ducati scooter an Italian classic

Did you know Ducati made a motor scooter? Ducati Brio was produced in the mid 1960s and is very collectible. Vintage Harley-Davidson scooters and Cushman scooters from that period are more popular in the US though.

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