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To wave or not to wave.

Sometimes it irritates me, and other times it just makes me laugh when riders of motorcycles either wave or don’t wave as they pass by each other. On one hand, you’ve got riders that are just happy to be out on the road riding.

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How to properly clean a motorcycle windshield

Motorcycle windshield cleaning is easy! Always rinse windshields with warm water prior to cleaning, use the proper plastic cleaners as we explain, and then rinse with lukewarm or cold water after cleaning. For cleaning polycarbonate motorcycle windscreens, which almost all are, you must use specific products.

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How old are your tires?

Here’s how you can check the age of your motorcycle tires. Look for an 11 or 12 character serial number on your tire’s sidewall. No, you don’t have to de-code that entire long number, just look at the last four digits (for tires made since the year 2000). Those last four digits tell you the week number and year that the tire was made.

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