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Supermoto motard motorcycle

Supermoto motard motorcycles buyer’s guide

Supermoto or motard motorcycles can be great for commuting, so power is not the critical feature when selecting motards. As with any motorcycle, what matters is how you comfortable you feel on it and whether the bike caters to your riding needs.

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Victory trike motorcycle from Lehman Trikes

Trike Motorcycles and Conversion Kits

Trike motorcycles are really getting better as manufacturers are making better engineered conversion kits, more attractive body panels and more dealers networks to build, support and service trike motorcycles.

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Frank Thomas Air Rider motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets for hot weather riding

Mesh motorcycle jackets have become extremely popular because they keep you cool by allowing air to flow freely through them. Before buying any mesh motorcycle jacket, beware they mostly work as designed – they really let a lot of air though. If you want to wear a mesh motorcycle jacket for more than just the hottest riding conditions, then make sure it has a removable liner or removable wind blocking exterior panels.

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Best motorcycle tires for the street

Motorcycle tires size code is structured: (1) Section Width, (2) Aspect Ratio, (3) Construction, and (4) Rim Diameter. After the size code, there is description code that includes (5) the M/C for motorcycle, (6) Load Index number, (7) Speed Index letter, and (8) Tube or Tubeless code.

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Motorcycle Sidecar buyer’s guide

Motorcycle sidecars are not something that most folks see everyday. But in the world of motorcycles, how can you not think about the sidecar? Some images that come to my mind are the WWII-era military bikes from Harley-Davidson, BMW and others, but sidecars have come a long way since then.

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