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Tourmaster Rain Boot CoversDuring one of the wettest summers we have ever had here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, I finally made use of the Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers that I purchased a while ago.  I bought these not because I ride in the rain all that much, but because I was tired of having wet feet when I do.  I am pleased to report that these really are worth the $25 I spent on them.

My rain gear is all low-budget stuff, but it works.  I have a pair of inexpensive rain pants and a matching rain jacket that I’ve had for about 5 years now.  I paid about $20 each on sale.  I only wear these a handful of times during the year, except I wear the jacket more.  My rain gloves were also in the $20 range and I use them for cold weather and for wet weather riding.

My normal motorcycle jacket is a Frank Thomas mesh and leather jacket that has a removable insulated vest.  Even though the jacket is mesh, I ride year round with it.  On coldest days (26 F is my personal record) I wear my rain jacket over it as a windbreaker and it makes all the difference in the world (along with my fleece neck gaitor).

The weak link in my wet weather riding gear has always been my feet.  They get wet and my boots become saturated.  Rain always drips off my pants down onto my feet and into my boots.  I don’t own a pair of tall riding boots.  I find them uncomfortable and too hot, so I wear shorter ones that just cover my ankles. Therefore, when I do ride in the rain, my rain pants won’t cover the tops of these and water gets in.  Also, these boots are not truly waterproof, so they get soaked anyway.

Why do I wear them?  Because they are comfortable and I have good feel for the shift and brake levers with them, plus the soles have very good traction at stops even when wet.  All I needed for rain was decent boot covers for these.  Sticking with my low-budget theme, I bought the Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers for about $25 instead of buying a pair of expensive waterproof motorcycle boots that lack the pedal feel I like, and would make my feet sweat.

There are several reasons why I picked these boot covers from Tourmaster.  First, Tourmaster makes what I consider good products overall.  I don’t get anything for saying that, it is just my observation of the quality they produce.  These Deluxe boot covers are appear to be made very well too.  Second, these are tall enough so that the ends of my rain pant legs will stay over them to help keep water out even more.  Third, the Deluxe Rain Boot Covers have generous reflective strips on the rear and smaller ones on the outside.  When riding in the rain in poor visibility, I’ll take whatever reflective features I can get.  Last, these are partially open at the bottom for traction and have a strong elastic that keeps them in place over your boots. The toes are fully covered with a rugged waterproof textile fabric so prevent wear, but the middle and rear of your boot sole is open to the ground so these are not slippery to wear.

The zippers are actually good ones, and they are not too small either like ones I have seen on other comparably priced brands.  There are snaps at the top to prevent the zippers from pulling open when you wear them, and there is a long velcro flap covering the length of the zipper to keep out water.

My Moto Guzzi motorcycle has foot boards and a heal-toe shifter.  Because the boot covers are mostly open at the bottom, they allow me to operate the shifter and brake, and they don’t slip on the wet foot boards.  The boot covers, true to their name, are designed for wearing over actual motorcycle boots, so they do fit a little baggy over my minimalistic riding shoes (actually are more like leather high top sneakers, not real boots).  Even so, they are not an inconvenience to me and they don’t cause me any issues because of that.  They are not quite as baggy as some other types of boot covers that I have seen.

My conclusion is that these Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers are well worth the $25 that I paid for them and I am very glad to own them.  Motorcycle Superstore often has them on sale, so when ordering something there, why not throw in a pair of these to keep in your top case, saddle bags, or backpack?  The performance, quality, dual material construction, size and shape, the open bottoms, the reflective features, and the price all make me very satisfied with these.  I keep them in my side bags at all times and they don’t take up any space.  I recommend them to anyone that does not have a pair of high-quality tall water-proof riding boots, or is looking for a simple and inexpensive pair of boot covers to keep their feet and pants bottoms dry when doing some unplanned wet weather riding.

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