Mesh motorcycle gloves for hot weather riding

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Olympia 150 mesh motorcycle glovesWhen riding on hot summer days,  like the day I wrote this (97 F), I notice a lot of motorcycle riders not wearing gloves. I rarely ride without some kind of gloves on.  Motorcycle gloves not only provide protection from sun, wind, bugs, and abrasion, but they provide a confidence-building grip and feel for handlebars and levers.

Sweaty, slippery hands don’t work for riding.  This new pair of mesh motorcycle gloves I wear is exactly what I needed and the price was great too.

After trying on lots of different brands with all sorts of different combinations of materials – not to mention all sorts of different prices – I picked the Olympia 150 mesh motorcycle gloves as the ones for me.  They were less than $20, but they have the quality of a more expensive pair.

Why did I choose these mesh motorcycle gloves?

There are many other mesh motorcycle gloves, that’s for sure. I like these because of the the genuine leather.  I have not found any acceptable substitute for leather when it comes to motorcycle gloves.  The great thing about the Olympia 150 gloves is that they have leather where you need it and nylon mesh where you don’t.  The nylon mesh fabric allows air to freely flow on the sides and backs of your fingers and hands to keep you cool.

The combination of leather and mesh provides what I consider to be a reasonable compromise between comfort and protection.  Motorcycle jackets for hot weather riding sometimes follow this formula, including the Frank Thomas one that I wear.

mesh motorcycle gloves with leather palmsThe thumbs in these are all leather, and even have some extra leather in the wear areas to last a good long time.  The palms have some subtle padding in them, but the padding is not noticeable at all then wearing them. The back of the glove is mesh, but a reinforced kind of mesh (not see-thru) that is quite durable, yet still flows a good amount of air.   To keep your fingers cool, thinner mesh sides (not in the grip or contact areas) are stretchy, like spandex, and flow air very nicely.

Good products usually result in repeat customers:

I’ve had a few years of very good experience with Olympia gloves already. For cold weather motorcycle gloves, I wear the Olympia 6000 winter gloves for same reason as I chose these Olympia 150 summer gloves.  They also were less than $20 with the quality of a higher priced glove.  Can’t beat ’em for the price.

The winter gloves actually have suede instead of smooth leather in the palm, and can double as rain gear. I am speaking from experience. They worked great for me in a 200 mile ride in the pouring rain, keeping my hands warm and dry.

Olympia 150 gloves leather palmLike I did, take a look a the customer reviews wherever you might be shopping, whether it is at Motorcycle Superstore or any motorcycle parts retailer that carries Olympia.  You’ll see almost all good comments and recommendations.  That says a lot.  I can now personally recommend them too, as they have instantly become my new favorite motorcycle gloves through my experience and testing.

By the way, I buy all my own products that I write about on Motorcycle Information, and that includes these mesh gloves.

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