Motorcycle battery maintainer a must for the off-season

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Battery maintainer Battery Tender Junior A battery maintainer is one of the handiest little gadgets any motorcycle or scooter owner can have, especially during the cold weather months.  It is a fact that cold weather will take a toll on a motorcycle battery.  Combine that with lack of use, and you get a severely weak or dead battery.

Battery maintainers sell for several different prices, depending on which brand and size you buy.  One of the best and most widely used is called the Battery Tender Junior.  They’re so popular that the name Battery Tender has become the generic name for maintainers in same way as Kleenex is to tissues.

The top 4 reasons we at Motorcycle Information purchased, use and recommend the Battery Tender Junior are:

  1. Fully automatic – just plug it in and forget about it.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.  Unlike a typical battery charger, you can leave it hooked up for months.
  2. LED indicators – a quick glance at the colored leds from a distance and you’ll see what level of charge the battery currently has.  It even blinks to let you know is any trouble.
  3. Convenient – just install the short cable harness that comes with the Battery Tender onto your battery terminals once and you’ll have a weatherproof quick disconnect plug to connect your maintainer to without ever needing to take of the motorcycle seat or side panels again.
  4. Won’t overcharge – unlike a standard battery charger, the Battery Tender Junior will not over-charge and ruin your battery when left on for a long time.  It charges and maintains the charge so you are always ready to ride simply by unplugging the quick disconnect and going.

The Battery Tender Junior costs around $30-$40 and comes with everything you need, including a quick disconnect cable and a clamp style cable. This makes an excellent gift that any motorcycle owner would appreciate.  It will make your battery last longer and costs much less than most new batteries.

The popular blog at has a detailed article showing how to install a Battery Tender Junior on a motorcycle.

You can buy Battery Tenders at JC Whitney, Motorcycle Superstore, Cycle Gear, Bike Bandit.  Keep in mind these can also be used on cars, riding mowers, atv’s and just about any vehicle that has a battery.

Of course, make sure to read an understand the manufacturer’s instructions before working on any vehicle battery or using a battery maintainer or charger.

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