Piaggio MP3 scooter update: 300 LT hybrid

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Piaggio MP3 scooter lean cababilityPiaggio MP3 continues to lead in technology of scooters with their amazing new hybrid 300 LT.  The MP3 is unique in that it manages to combine a riding experience of a traditional scooter with the stability and convenience of a trike motorcycle.

While it may look a little different than other maxi-scooters because of the unusual pair of wheels up front, don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t fun to ride or that you won’t be able to lean through corners.  The really clever design of the Piaggio MP3 allows the scooter to lean like a normal motorcycle or scooter when cornering, even though it is a three wheeler.

For folks that want to ride, but have physical limitations with leg strength or are just not comfortable or confident about having to balance a motorcycle or scooter at traffic lights, you should consider the MP3 before you give up.  While it does lean and ride like a traditional two-wheeled scooters or motorcycles, it also has a system that allows it to stay completely upright when stopped.  This takes away the need to put your feet down at stops, and also helps you mount and dismount without having to manage the weight of the bike while doing so.

The MP3 scooters have been a success with mature riders. Thie was demonstrated by those fun-loving seniors that rode theirs on a cross-country scooter journey.  The publicity was great for Piaggio, better known for their Vespa scooters and Aprilia motorcycles in the US.  Piaggio also owns Moto Guzzi motorcycles, a famous Italian motorcycle brand that has been continuously operating since 1921.

Piaggio MP3 scooter hybridThe Piaggio MP3 scooters have plenty of cool technology to benefit the rider, and to add to that, Piaggio also offers certain models with hybrid engines.  Yes, a hybrid engine on a scooter.

Piaggio introduced their hybrid technology with a 125 model and now has moved up to the MP3 300 hybrid.  Unfortunately, this 300 hybrid engined scooter is only available in certain countries at this time.

No word yet on hybrid availability in USA where the current MP3 scooter range consists of the MP3 250 ($7199 list), the new for 2011 Mp3 City with 278cc gasoline engine, the MP3 400 ($8699 list) and the MP3 500 ($8899 list) with regular gasoline engines and each fully capable of cruising at highway speeds.

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