Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride

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worldwide motorcycle awareness ride can you see me nowThe first Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride is scheduled for Sunday May 23, 2010.   Riders of street bikes everywhere are encouraged to get out an ride for an hour while wearing bright colors as part of this “can you see me now” themed motorcycle event.

In an motorcycle accident earlier this year, four motorcycle riders were killed and five were seriously injured when a dump truck slammed into them from behind while they were waiting at a stop light.  The worldwide motorcycle awareness ride is in honor of these riders and is to encourage riders everywhere to make themselves more visible.

To participate, the organizers of the Worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride ask that we simply ride our motorcycles for at least an hour wearing bright colors on this day.  The better way to participate is to organize a riding group in your area, and better yet, for riding groups to join together to really be seen.

If anyone wants to meet up for a ride or wants to announce an organized ride, just leave a comment here to announce it.

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