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Plas-Tec plastic cleaner and polish for helmet and face shieldYou have to be careful what you use to clean a helmet face shield or motorcycle windshield or you’ll end up with a scratched-up mess.  Here I explain exactly how I used Plas-Tec ® plastic cleaner to make my motorcycle helmet look like new again, as well as give you my thoughts about the product.

One thing I noticed when I picked up my first bottle of Plas-Tec ® cleaner is the quality of the pump spray bottle for the 1 ounce size.  It’s the perfect size to bring on longer rides, to keep in your backpack or bags, or in your tool kit.

The protective cap of this motorcycle plastic cleaner actually snaps on nice and securely.  I’ve seen a lot of other products that come in similar bottles that have ill-fitting caps that fall off easy.  As a mechanical engineer, and I have a low tolerance for poor designs and workmanship, even if it is an inexpensive product.  This one was not like those, so I was quite pleased.

Dirty face shield on full face motorcycle hemet before using Plas-Tec plastic cleanerI had been putting off cleaning my full-face motorcycle helmet for some time. The little dried bits of bug guts and general grit from commuting was starting to cause difficulty for me to see clearly.  I ride sunrise and sunset commutes and the sun hits me straight on.  I don’t ride very often at night, but when I do, I notice head lights are a real pain when my face shield is not crisp and clean.

Directions on the Plas-Tec ® cleaner bottle said to shake before using, so I did.  I unsnapped the clear cover and made a few pumps on the fine-mist sprayer.  It took a bit of finger pressure to build up pressure, but once I did, I got a nice mist spray onto my favorite motorcycle helmet.
cleaning helmet and face shield using Plas-Tec plastic cleaner

It’s important to use the right kind of cloth when cleaning plastics, especially for helmet face shields and motorcycle windshields.  My personal preference is a soft microfiber polishing cloth (80% polyester, 20% polyamide).  I use this same cloth on my Moto Guzzi California windshield.

Make sure to always use a clean, soft cloth when cleaning plastic, polycabonate and acrylic.  Don’t be tempted into using paper towels because they can leave fine scratches in some plastics.  Making fine hazy scratches on your helmet face shield or motorcycle windshield could really take some fun out of riding, so choose both your cloth and cleaner wisely.

motorcycle helmet face shield after cleaning with plastic cleanerAfter wiping a few mists of Plas-Tec ®, I immediately noticed it was working good.  As you can see in  the photos, I prefer a gloss black motorcycle helmet.  However, finger prints and bug  stuff shows right up.  As I wiped, I notice the shine coming back quickly, without much effort at all.

Next I gave the face shield a few mists.  It started shining quickly and easily.  I almost forgot what it was like to have such crisp and clear vision when I ride.  Since Pas-Tec ® is also an anti-fog (and anti-static) treatment, I went ahead and used it on the inside of my face shield as well.   Full-face helmet wearers know how annoying a fogged-up face shield can be.

motorcycle helmet polished with Plas-Tec plastic cleanerAfter I was done, I noticed 3 things right away.  (1)  I hardly used any of my Plas-Tec ® plastic cleaner.  There is plenty left for many more cleanings.  (2)  my gloss black motorcycle helmet has not looked this good in quite a while, and (3) there was no film or wet residue left.  I simply used the dry part of the cloth to polish just a little to be sure the surface is nice and dry.

Bottom line here is that it’s not easy to find a low-cost product for motorcycles and scooters that works as good as it is supposed to.   I can say that Plas-Tec ® plastic cleaner does for me.   I now ride to work on several mornings of upper 30’s, lower 40’s, without any fogging.  This is a huge relief, because my face shield always fogged-up on cool mornings.  I give this product thumbs-up.

Plas-Tec ® plastic cleaner is made in USA and is approved by various plastics and polycarbonate suppliers.



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