Ducati scooter an Italian classic

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Ducati scooter Brio 48When we think of Ducati, we usually think of extremely fast and powerful racing motorcycles.  As many Italian motorcycle manufacturers did in the 1960’s, Ducati also came out with their own motor scooter, called the Brio.

Today, this vintage Ducati scooter is very collectible.

If you’re into scooters, what could be cooler than riding a vintage Ducati scooter?  On second thought, the vintage Harley-Davidson scooters and Cushman scooters from the same era have a cool-factor (and collectible factor) that’s pretty tough to beat too!

Ducati scooter parts diagramThe Ducati Brio scooter was introduced in 1963 in Milan Italy and was produced through 1967. It was powered by a 48cc two-stroke engine with a 3 speed transmission with chain drive. To shift gears, the rider twisted the left handlebar grip.  The Brio Ducati scooter was also available with a 100cc two-stroke engine.

For more Ducati motorcycle information, we recommend the book called the Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles.  It covers the model years 1946 through 2005 in good detail and has lots of photos.

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