SYM Symba retro scooter has Honda Cub style

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Honda C50 adEver look at those old ads for Honda and wish to go back to the good old days when the Honda Cub was introduced?  SYM, or Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd thinks you do and is now selling a Honda Cub look alike as the  SYM Symba.

SYM is headquartered in Taiwan and is a major player in the global scooter market.  It’s hard to ignore the popularity of the Cub.  After all, the Honda Cub is often credited as the best selling “motorcycle” of all time.

SYM Symba blueThe US list price for the Symba is $2598.  That’s not too bad for a motor scooter of this caliber and style.  The Symba has a four speed semi-automatic transmission.  This means there is no clutch lever to manage, but you do have to manually change gears using the foot operated rocker style gear change lever.

SYM Symba redRated at 374 pounds maximum load, the Symba scooter can typically carry two adults or one adult plus a significant load of luggage.  The 101cc engine is air cooled, making maintenance simple, just like the old Honda Cub.

SYM is a very ambitious company.  They have their hands in the automotive industry via a relationship with Hyundai, and have significant motorcycle and scooter manufacturing capacity and a growing global distribution channel.

Scooters from Taiwan often have a pretty decent quality and performance record.  SYM is serious about their scooters and their r&d ability.  The SYM Symba might be considered a knock-off by some, but you have to admit that it is a refreshing and simple motor scooter in these days of over-the-top technical gadgets and complexity.  Good designs live on!

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