Diesel Motorcycles Gaining Attention

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Diesel MotorcyclePeople have been tinkering with Diesel motorcycles for decades, but we don’t usually see any on the streets, highways or trails.  There are at least a few companies that would like to change that as soon as possible.

An American company is Hayes Diversified Technologies which is keeping very busy converting Kawasaki KLRs.  A German company, Neander, has an awesome diesel cruiser.  And EVO Products in the Netherlands is showing off their new stylish diesel-powered adventure bike.

Located in California, Hayes Diversified Technologies has been converting motorcycles to use diesel engines for several years. In fact in 2004, HDT became the first diesel motorcycle to set an AMA sanctioned land speed record. In 2005, HDT did it again, but this time with a FIM sanctioned world speed record. While speed records are nice, it is durability that counts.  So, in 2008 Hayes showed off their diesel motorcycle capabilities by becoming the first diesel motorcycle to enter and finish and AMA off road race. To top it off, they finished the 2009 SCORE San Filepe 250 off road event and became the first diesel motorcycle to do so.

HDT is focused on manufacturing military vehicles, especially diesel motorcycles conversions.  However, watch for the Hayes MD670F civilian KLR conversion, pictured above, that runs on diesel, bio-diesel, or jet fuel and gets around 100 miles per gallon. If you want one of these diesel motorcycles, contact HDT at 760-947-3140 pacific time or by email at info@hdtusa.com.

Neander Diesel MotorcycleFor some serious diesel powered street cruising, how about the 100 hp twin cylinder Neander turbo diesel motorcycle from Germany.  It’s no secret that the Germans know a lot about Diesel engines.  Neander Motors AG has developed a very interesting and powerful diesel engine that is claimed to overcome the typical obstacles that have prevented diesel engines from becoming more widely used in motorcycles.

The 1340cc twin crankshaft engine in the Neander is rated at 112 peak hp at 4200 rpm and 144 ft-lbs of torque at 2600 rpm.  Talk about low-end grunt!  With an estimated top end speed of 140 mph, this muscle cruiser is the real deal, but good luck finding one in the US, at least for now.

Track T800 Diesel MotorcycleOne of the newer companies on the modern diesel motorcycle scene is E.V.A. Products from Netherlands with their Track T-800CDI motorcycle.  Using a centrifugal clutch CVT transmission, this 800cc turbo diesel motorcycle appears ready for on or off road adventure.  Power of this interesting 3 cylinder is rated at 45 hp (33 kw) and torque at 75 ft-lbs (100 Nm). The rated dry weight of the T-800CDI is 496 lbs (225 kg) and the generous fuel tank holds about 6 gallons (22.5  liters).  Unfortunately, this new diesel motorcycle is not available yet outside the Netherlands yet.

Will there be enough interest in diesel motorcycles for them to move into the mainstream?  With electric motorcycles and scooters being developed at a fairly rapid pace these days, it seems a diesel motorcycle would currently have a big advantage of very long distance riding range and fuel efficiency.  And if these diesel motorcycles can run on bio-diesel, then it sweetens the deal a little more.  Motorycleinfo.org thinks that Rudolf Diesel would be proud to know that engineers, more than 100 years since his original invention, are still working to develop new uses and new advanced variations of his basic engine technology.

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