Hummer Motorcycle a Harley Classic

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Harley Davidson Hummer 1955The Harley-Davidson Hummer 125cc is a 2-stroke motorcycle that was sold by Harley from 1955 through 1959.   When the 1955 Harley-Davidson Hummer motorcycle was introduced, it was advertised as “the most economical transportation you can buy” because of it’s claimed 100 miles per gallon fuel efficiency combined with an advertised cost of just $17 US dollars per month.

The Harley Hummer was not styled as moped or a scooter like the Harley M50 or the Harley Topper, but was built as an actual motorcycle – and a cool looking one at that.

The Hummer motorcycle name eventually became a commonly used category name for similar types of Harley-Davidson motorcycles that had 2-stroke engines ranging from 125cc, 165cc and 175cc during model years 1948-1966.Hummer Harley Davidson

Today, Harley Hummers are still somewhat reasonably-priced collectibles with values that seem to be on the increase.  As with many vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, there is a loyal following for this one too. There are rare restoration parts available from some Harley specialty suppliers on the web, but there are plenty of deals on rare Harley Hummer parts and motorcycles on eBay as we show in the latest listings below – check these out:


The thing we find interesting about the Hummer is the style and coolness factor it has even though it has a relatively small two-stroke engine.

A bit of motorcycle info regarding the Harley-Davidson Hummer name is that a man named Dean Hummer had a reputation at Harley-Davidson as their best performing dealer for the very similar Harley Model 125 and Model 165 motorcycles that preceded the Hummer, but had no catchy name.  To make things more interesting, Dean Hummer’s Harley dealership was in Omaha, Nebraska, the city where Cushman Scooters was located. It’s easy to imagine the delight at H-D headquarters to realize success within the class of small, economical motorcycles in the hometown of Cushman that had been so dominant in the market.

If you have owned or still own a Harley Hummer, we’d like to read your comments about it.  Also, if you are looking for more Hummer motorcycle info, leave your questions below.


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  1. Agcat111 says:

    The prices run fron $1,595 to about $8,000. so be aware that if all you want id motor cycle to ride, it will be an expenssive ride. Most are needing repairs except thee highest cost ones. there is one olace I saw today tht had a harley Davidson 125cc that had been found stored in a garage that had supposedly not had gasoline in the tanks. the old rubber tires still have the molding nubs on the tires, so they say, but the proce is about $8,000. Man fs you just need a ride there are more economical rides out there in todays Honda bikes, Yamaha, and suzuki. Each have 250cc bikes that will sail past the old little Hummers.

    I owned a 125cc 1951 and I had to put new bearing on the crank every year and new rings a least once a year. No it never saw much in the high milage use. It was just a poor engine!

  2. ginny1962 says:

    I am interested in buying a 57 Harley Hummer, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time

  3. chance says:

    Im looking to purchase a harley hummer.406 546 1416 thanks

  4. Jim Morrison says:

    I purchased a used 165 in 1961 in Cincinnati and rode it to Seattle, via Las Vages. I rode it back and forth to school when I was at the U of W for 4 years. It was a practical and reliable little bike. It was my first and I owned 5 after that: the last being a Honda Goldwing Interstate.

  5. Jimwit says:

    My father has a 1948 Hummer, black, that he has bequeathed to me to take over and restore with him as a fun project. It sits in the back of the garage and once a year we take it out, charge or change the battery, pop in a new spark plug, & put fresh gas in. THEN he hops on and proudly grins widely without fail as it never fails to start on the first kick.

    It’s not in the greatest shape cosmetically, and will need a lot of work to make it “pretty” again.

    I’m just poking around to see who’s out there who can offer tips & a shove in the right direction & to give me a rough idea of what the bike is worth, and what they go for when restored.

    Any comments/help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. robert says:

    i have a 125cc harley davidson hummer, it not in the best shape, but its restoreable. contact me for more info, robert 985-750-9358

  7. petter gridsvåg says:

    Hello, does anyone know were I can buy a Harley-Davidson Hummer 125cc, and what is the price of the bike?