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This is an important year for women motorcyclists.  Each year, more women ride motorcycles than ever before, and this year will very likely set a new record.

One important event, the  annual International Female Ride Day, is scheduled for Friday May 4th 2012.  The Female Ride Day is about getting more women out there to just ride and show support for women motorcyclists.  It also is to help promote getting more women involved with riding.

Harley-Davidson continues to be a big supporter of getting women into motorcycling, and has many events planned to help and encourage female riders.   Harley dealerships are hosting what they are calling a Garage Party.  The Garage Party is a fun event for women only, and is aimed towards non-riders that want to learn more about motorcycles, but don’t have much knowledge or experience with them yet.

March 3, 2009 at Daytona Beach, Florida was the second annual Harley-Davidson Women’s Ride to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.   This Women’s Day event was part of Daytona Bike Week, which ran February 28-March 7 for 2009.

As more and more women have become motorcyclists, the availability of good women’s motorcycle gear has increased noticeably over the past few years.  Many top brands of motorcycle gear now offer a large variety of women’s helmets, women’s motorcycle jackets, women’s motorcycle boots and other gear that women in the past have had a difficult time finding.  Color choices and graphics are better then ever, and of course, women riders can always opt for traditional black leather and never go wrong.

The more women that ride their own motorcycles, the better.  It’s good for the sport, it’s good for the industry, and it’s good for women in general.

One large event for women motorcyclists is annual AMA International Women and Motorcycling Conference, which was in Keystone, Colorado from August 19-21, 2009.  This event included riding seminars, new products, motorcycle shows, and many other things for women motorcyclists, to see and do. You don’t have to own a motorcycle to attend an event like this, and it was a perfect event to attend for any women that are thinking of getting into motorcycling.


There are many motorcycle clubs and organizations all over the world for women that ride.  One of the big ones is the Women’s International Motorcycle Association.

Brenda Fox riding a motorcycle.

In 2009, the world rally was held in conjunction with the AMA International Women and Motorcycling Conference in Keystone Colorado.  The WIMA-only day was held August 18 at this event.

For women motorcyclists that are not into street bikes, consider the Women’s Motocross Association.  Growing up in upstate New York, I was neighbors with Carla Swing-Nelson.  Carla went on to race motocross and she became very good, including racing at national events.  There is no barrier between women and motorcycling, whether it is on dirt or on the streets, so let’s see more women motorcyclists get involved and take advantage of the freedom and fun that motorcycling is all about.

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