Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves Review

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One of the most annoying things about riding in cold weather is that your fingers and wrists freeze and get numb if you don’t have a proper pair of cold weather motorcycle gloves.

I finally got fed up with not having the right kind of gloves and then I found a great deal online for a pair that are well worth every penny, as I show you here.  Riding my motorcycle in the cold is now easier and more enjoyable.

I had tried riding this winter using just my regular leather gloves because they have a warm lining in them. Since they have no gauntlet, the cold air was going right on my wrists and up into my jacket sleeves. Also, my finger tips were going numb in no time and I couldn’t feel the levers very well. That was not safe, nor was it fun. When it is near freezing outside, the wind chill factor when riding will really kick your butt more than you think.

Since I don’t have extra money to spend on a modern motorcycle jacket that has all the bells and whistles, I wear a simple 25 year old leather motorcycle jacket that has zippers to close the sleeve ends at the wrist>  Even with the sleeves zippered, cold air still gets up in there.  The solution I found is gauntlet style cold weather motorcycle gloves that go over the ends of your jacket sleeves. Gauntlet motorcycle gloves usually cost $60 to $100 and I only occasionally needed to wear them occasionally, so I didn’t want to spend nearly that much.

Finally, I found the best, low cost solution to a good pair of cold weather motorcycle gloves that I could order online. Olympia 6000 Mustang I gloves at Motorcycle Superstore. The list price on these was only $19.95 and they were on sale at that time for $17.99! Since I was ordering a helmet for my son and I needed just a few dollars more on my order to take advantage of free shipping. Their customer reviews were all pretty good for these, and I figured that if I didn’t like them for my motorcycle, I still could use a pair of winter gloves anyway at that price.

They arrived a just a couple days later and are actually better than I expected. They fit great and are extremely comfortable. I usually wear an XL glove and these fit just as I hoped for. I knew if they didn’t fit, or if they were not what I expected, I could just return them because Motorcycle Superstore has a 60 day return policy for new unused items, while most other places only give you half that amount of time or even less.

The first ride with them was a little bit strange only because I was not used to wearing cold weather motorcycle gloves. I normally wore a very thin leather glove that felt more like a second skin. I noticed I still had good grip and control of the levers while wearing these Olympia 6000 Mustang Gloves, and the grip was something I was worried about before I ordered them. While the outside of the gloves are nylon, the palms have a suede texture and that does help give them grip.

On some especially cold mornings when it was below freezing outside, my finger tips just started to get cold after about a half hour, but not cold enough to complain much about and not to the point of numbness like before I got these.

Olympia 6000 Mustang motorcycle glovesIt is not very often these days that you can find something that works as advertised, especially for as little as these pair of cold weather motorcycle gloves actually cost. I didn’t expect them to be the best gloves ever produced for motorcycle riding, but for about $20, these put a smile on my face and are better than expected.  I’d say these gloves are one of the handiest (I couldn’t resist) and least expensive items that you can add to your cold weather motorcycle gear collection, even if you are like me and don’t have the budget for the high-end stuff.

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