Sportster Motorcycles Trade-In Tempts Harley Buyers

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A new trade-in program announced by Harley Davidson in the US presents an interesting technique from Harley to move Sportster motorcycles from Harley Davidson dealers showrooms, but at the same time, it could cause a flood of used Sportster motorcycles to hit the market.  At a time when expensive street bikes are not selling well, this could be a big help to Harley Davidson dealers. There are two offers announced by Harley Davidson.  Both are quite interesting and may be enough to attract some motorcycle buyers even during a bad economy.

The first offer goes like this: If you buy any of the ’08 or ’09 Sportster motorcycles, except for the XR1200, during December 26, 2008 to March 31, 2009, you can trade it in for a Dyna, Softail, V-Rod, or Touring model within a year or purchase and receive the actual original MSRP value of your Sportster towards the new motorcycle. So, what if you already have a Harley Davidson Sportster and want to get a new big twin? In this case, their second trade-in offer is for you. Here’s the deal: If you own any of the ’07, ’08 or ’09 Sportster motorcycles, you can get the same deal as the first offer above. If you trade-in any of these Sportster motorcycles to get a new Harley Big Twin, you’ll receive the actual original MSRP of your Sportster towards the new motorcycle.

The fine print from Harley Davidson for these trade-in offers is pretty straight forward.  These deals are not allowed if buying the new XR1200 Sportster or their Police motorcycles.   If buying a Sportster, it has to be a new and never before titled.  The Sportster being traded-in has to pass an inspection by the Harley Davidson dealer to be sure the engine, tires, suspension and transmission are all within original factory specifications (could prove challenging) and it can not show any indication of abuse or neglect.  If you are trading in your Sportster, you must have been the owner of it since December 25, 2008 to qualify. Also, you can not receive cash for your Sportster as part of this deal.

So, will this create a pre-owned flood of Sportster motorcycles at Harley Davidson dealers by the end of March?  Will it help move inventory of Harley Big Twins?  We try to remain neutral here at Motorcycle Information, but this sounds like a tempting offer for Sportster owners, especially if you have an ’07 or ’08 model in good condition with some miles on it. This will give some comfort to those buying new Sportster motorcycles especially if they wanted a Big Twin but couldn’t afford it at this time or didn’t want to take the extra risk of a bigger loan with so many job losses happening.

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