KBC VR-2 Helmet Review

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When I began searching for a motorcycle helmet, I shopped around at all the local motorcycle shops to try some different ones on.  Then, to get the best price by far (up to 70% off), plus free shipping, I shopped online online at a huge selection of motorcycle helmets at Motorcycle Superstore.

My requirements were simple.  I wanted a Snell approved full-face helmet that looked and fit good and cost below $200.  I needed fast delivery and did not want to pay for shipping!

I tried on several different brands locally, but even though I tend to be brand-sensitive, after a while the brands became less important and my focus was shifted to quality and fit.  That’s when I began to notice some really nice features on a KBC helmet in my price range.

One feature I liked on a KBC VR-2 helmet was the padding at the chin strap that helps keep the strap from digging in to the skin on your neck.  Another important feature was the quality of the padding inside the helmet.

The padding is also removable for washing and covers the inside of the helmet very nicely.

The third feature I liked was the extra material at the bottom of the chin area that helps reduce the wind around there.

I also liked the quality and design of the face shield and the fact that you can change it very quickly without needing a tool.  The face shield closes solidly and does not seem to leak any air around the gasket between it and the helmet.  There are adjustable vents on the chin and the top of the helmet for cooling air.

I recommend the KBC VR-2 to anyone that is searching for a comfortable and sporty full-face helmet.  They come in several colors and some have awesome graphics too.  KBC is just one of the brands of helmets that you can order from Motorcycle Superstore.  I ordered a helmet and gloves from they folks because they have good sale prices and a great return policy, including helmet returns.

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