Custom Motorcycles Gone Wild!

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In the spirit of the highly competitive nature of the builders of custom motorcycles, we decided to  look at few different custom motorcycles that, to put it politely, are just not right.

Should we blame this on the bad economy?  Motorcycle manufacturers are laying off lots of workers, and some builders of custom motorcycles are closing their doors for good.  What else can a custom motorcycle builder do with their time other than keep on building?

Here’s a look at some of the oddest home built two-wheelers making the global scene of custom motorcycles.  These might not be the most Extreme Motorcycles ever, but they are sure to get attention wherever they go.

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That's a big one!

Haulin' A'

Woodie Springer

Basket Case

Styin' on a Strecth

Haulin' Bass!

This is one way to warm it up.

Dream Weaver

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