Top Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear Picks

By: On: November 13th, 20082 Comments ยปUpdated: October 14, 2012

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for the tips, On cold days, a pair of 70’s style long wrist sweatbands work great too. I think I got mine at Target or Wal-Mart really cheap – just make sure they are not too tight or your hands will get cold due to restricted circulation. Gotta love low-tech.

  2. muckfoot says:

    I find that there is always a bit of cool leakage around the wrist, even with excellent Harley cold weather gloves. I found a deal on the Web called “wristies”. These eliminate the cold leaks.
    Second thing I find useful, go to Lowes and buy some cheap foam (not the hard ones) knee pads. Wear them under your riding pants or rain pants on a cold day. They keep the knees toasty. -jb