ScooterGirls: Models on Motor Scooters!

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The Scooter GirlsThe popularity of motor scooters and motorcycles in the US has grown incredibly over the past few years, and the number of women riding motorcycle and motor scooters has increased too.  ScooterGirls, Inc., a new California-based mobile advertising firm, has used this opportunity to combine motor scooters, business and fun.  Using motor scooters as a mobile advertising tool may seem like a mild way to advertise, but when up to 30 of them come riding through town in formation, piloted by attractive female models wearing custom logo outfits as part of an advertising event, you can imagine that they will surely catch the attention of a lot of people!

Receiving national attention in the US recently, ScooterGirls, Inc. was featured on National Public Radio (NPR) in a story about the economy and how different people are reacting to the idea of potential job loss.  Arlene, founder of ScooterGirls, Inc., has taken very positive and innovative steps to launch and build her company, including the development and branching out of their products and services.  We at MotorcycleInfo heard her story and contacted ScooterGirls to get the inside scoop for our readers.

When asked how ScooterGirls, Inc. is benefiting from using motor scooters, Arlene explained the following: “We use the scooters for commuting, for our mobile advertising business, we rent them to television and movie companies, we use them as props for photo shoots and use them as props for promotional events where the ScooterGirls appear.”  There may be other similar business, so, we asked what actually makes ScooterGirls, Inc. stand out from their competition?  Arlene pointed out that “the ScooterGirls is a brand that signifies a lifestyle, and all of the product lines are consistent with promoting the ScooterGirls brand and by extension, the ScooterGirls brand is used to provide additional branding emphasis for all of our clients.”ScooterGirls in LA

The type of motor scooters currently used by ScooterGirls are gas powered Jonway Sunny 50cc models that get 75 to 100 mpg, have electric start, and have automatic transmissions.  ScooterGirls’ clients, and the general public, can also purchase these new or used scooters from ScooterGirls at a reasonable price.  Electric scooters are also being evaluated as a greener alternative.

As part of the expansion and brand-building of ScooterGirls, Inc., a unique new line of reflective clothing is soon to be released.  The clothing that we motorcycle and motor scooter enthusiasts wear as riding gear needs to be practical and needs to look good too.  Same is true for joggers, walkers and folks that commute on bicycles.

ScooterGirls’ “commuter line” of clothing is being developed to meet these needs.  While reflective vests are a smart idea for riding on the streets, there are very few good looking options available.  As described by Arlene, “The highly reflective aspect of the clothing extends into our lines where we’re targeting the fitness crowd as well as children who need to be highly visible at night and of course, the clothing has to be fashionable, otherwise people won’t wear it.”  Sounds like clothing that a lot of folks will appreciate.  Let’s face it, no one wants to look like a goof while riding or jogging wearing an ill-fitting vest that looks like you borrowed it from a construction site.

What else are the ScooterGirls up to?  Well, between modeling gigs, mobile ad rides, and special event appearances, they are busy working on a reality-based television show.  ScooterGirls Scooter HaulerThey are located in LA you know, so why not?  Also, in the future, you may start seeing more ScooterGirls, Inc. locations popping up in scooter-friendly cities near you.  We applaud Arlene and all the folks at ScooterGirls for their use of motor scooters in their business and for creating jobs and fun at the same time!  Models on scooters… it sure beats those diesel-guzzling mobile ad trucks, right?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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