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Commuting on Piaggio MP3 ScooterWhile you are out gathering motorcycle info and looking at motor scooters as a way to reduce your gas expenses, don’t forget to take a look at the latest large size motor scooters, known as maxi scooters. In many locations, scooters that are capable of going faster than 30 mph (45km/h) require that you have a motorcycle license and motorcycle insurance to ride it on the streets. Once you get your motorcycle license, this opens up the possibility for a huge variety of gas-saving motorcycles and motor scooters to consider, including maxi scooters.

So, what are maxi scooters?  They range in size from just a little bit large than a scooter, to a lot larger and more similar to a full size touring motorcycle.  You can usually fit a passenger comfortably on maxi scooters and still have enough power to still keep up with traffic without any problem.  The general performance of the bigger maxi scooters will compare pretty closely with motorcycle info regarding speeds, fuel consumption, and power. These type of motor scooters are a nice convenience and a heck of a lot less embarrassing than trying to commute on busy fast moving roads while riding a much slower and smaller moped.

The comfort of maxi scooters is probably the single biggest reason people buy them.  They can be more comfortable to sit on than many motorcycles are due to their low stance and step through frame design, and you won’t have a gas tank between your knees.  You also don’t have to be as flexible physically because you don’t have to swing your leg up and over to straddle motor scooters the way you would straddle motorcycles.  If you have had a knee or hip injury and can no longer ride a motorcycle very comfortably, then check out maxi scooters as a way to keep on riding!

If you don’t have confidence in balancing on two-wheeled motor scooters or motorcycles, and you have a physical limitation against putting too much weight on one leg, then don’t worry, there are maxi scooters just for you too!

Check out the Piaggio MP3 scooters.  Not MP3 as in music, but “3” as in three wheeled motor scooters.  These are becoming popular with older folks and seniors that want to ride scooters for fun and for convenience, but don’t want to worry about balancing or tipping over.  As evidence of their ease of riding, two men in their 70’s actually rode in the US from coast to coast on Piaggio MP3 scooters recently.  Piaggio MP3 scooters come in different engine sizes, but all are very manageable in size and weight, and all have 3 wheels for ease of riding.

Plug In Vectrix ScooterAnother exciting choice in the maxi scooter class is the Vectrix electric scooter.  It is rechargeable and is a comfortable maxi scooter that can carry 2 people.  Ok, you have seen rechargeable scooters before that didn’t have power to do much of anything, but this is not at all the case with Vectrix.  These are real electric scooters that can go 60 mph for about 20 miles straight on a single charge, in comfort and style! They can go a lot farther on a single charge if you ride more in the 30-45 mph range, and many are turning to these for commuting to work due to high gas prices.  Wouldn’t it be great to not have to buy gas?  Even some police motorcycles are now Vectrix electric scooters now for inner-city use, such as by the NYPD.

Burgman ScooterFor the more traditional motorcycle rider that is not interested in 3 wheels, not interested in electric scooters (yet),  and wants to cruise the highways in total comfort, then there are plenty of maxi scooters available to choose from.  These large motor scooters have gained a cult-like following and have clubs to join for people that own and love these maxi scooters.  Some examples of these are the Suzuki Burgman, the Honda Silverwing (like a Goldwing motorcycle, but in the form of a maxi scooter), and the Yamaha TMAX.

If you are planning to get a maxi scooter, but don’t want to spend a whole lot, there are other models of these larger motor scooters available that don’t have as many bells and whistles as a Honda Silverwing would for example.  Also, with less add-ons comes a lower price that might be easier to justify if buying one just for saving money on gas.

Read more about motor scooters in the Guide to Mopeds Scooters and Maxi Scooters page of Motorcycle Information.

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