Senior Citizens on Cross-Country Scooter Ride

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Two gentlemen, in their early 70’s, are on a cross-country scooter journey through the USA on their Piaggio MP3 scooters.  They started in San Fransico on June 13 and plan to reach New York City on July 14.  They have reached the state of Illinois now, with much fanfare, and have been welcomed by various local and state politicians.

Their stated goal is not to set a time or speed record, but to enjoy their trip across America and to absorb the entire experience along the Lincoln Highway.

In an interview with the Daily Chronicle in Illinois, they said the are looking for authentic American culture, that have not been “sidetracked by Starbucks and Wal-Marts”.

Piaggio, the Italian company that is the parent of Vespa Scooters, Moto-Guzzi Motorcycles, Aprilia Motorcycles and more, makes the innovative three-wheeled scooters that they call the MP3 that these adventurous guys are riding.  The MP3, with it’s stability, has been catching on with the older riders all over the world.  Saving money on gas is a priority for almost everyone now, so scooters are fast-growing alternative form of transportation.  Of course, Piaggio is not missing any marketing opportunities with this trip.  You can follow the progress of this fun trip at

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