5 Extreme Motorcycles I’d Rather Not Ride

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biggest motorcycleThese top 5 most extreme motorcycles took a lot of imagination and hard work to build, so hats off the folks that built them. However, I don’t think I would actually want to ride them. How about you?

1.   BIGGEST:     Gregory Dunham built this monster and it is considered to be the biggest motorcycle ever.  11’3″ inches to the top of the bars… talk about ape hanger handlebars!  Actually, it has a steering wheel near the seat, just above the 502 cubic inch engine.

Imagine trying to take the road test on this bike when getting a motorcycle license!

smallest motorcycle2.   SMALLEST:     Sweden’s Tom Wiberg built this 3.14 inch wheelbase smallest motorcycle.  The tiny front wheel is just 0.62 inch diameter.  The rear wheel is bigger at 0.86 inch.  He went on a ride for about 33 feet powered by the 1/3 hp engine.

This is more of a working model than a real bike, but they guy actually rode it!  Kind of embarrassing, right?  If it has two wheels and an engine and you can ride it, then I guess it counts as a motorcycle.


longest motorcycle3.   LONGEST:     This limo-style longest motorcycle is 31.5 feet long and was built in Russia by Oleg Rogov in 2005.  Why?

I feel sorry for the clutch in that thing when he’s gets a full load of passengers on it!  He probably won’t be doing a wheelie any time soon.  Hey, how about getting rid of those extra seats and bolting on a jet engine!


4.   SHORTEST:     Measuring length of wheelbase, this one is possibly the shortest motorcycle.  It’s not the first single-wheeled motorcycle ever built, but it looks like the best attempt so far.

shortest motorcycle

Good luck giving a wave to fellow riders when your commuting on this thing to save gas.

It might not look so, but this is actually a real motorcycle with one wheel. Some people have too much money and time on their hands.



5.   FASTEST: The current record holding fastest motorcycle is the BUB 7 streamlined racer at 350.884 mph recorded at Bonneville Salt Flats.  It did it with power from it’s purpose built 3 liter V-4 engine.Fastest Motorcycle

6.   MOST EXPENSIVE:     Ok, there is a number 6 on this list, but, of the extreme motorcycles considered, this is one I do want to ride.  The Tomahawk, complete with a 500 hp 8.3 liter V-10 Engine normally found in a Dodge Viper, was actually sold to few lucky folks that could afford the most expensive motorcycle.

It does have four tires though, and weighs about 1500 lbs., but when you spend $250,000 US dollars to buy a motorcycle, you should expect to get some extra features, right?Most Expensive Motorcycle

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