Motorcycle Engines in Helicopters

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According to the World Aeronautical Press Agency, the Italian group called Campania Helicopters and Airplanes Industry Network (CHAIN) is building a twin-engine helicopter slated for September 2009. The engines will be from Moto-Guzzi.

I recently wrote a post about how much I admire Moto-Guzzi motorcycles, and how I think more people will become aware of this world famous motorcycle brand, known mainly for their street bikes.  I never though that some of the increased awareness could come from their engines being used in helicopters!

Here are the technical specs available so far:
K4A KA-2H Light Helicopter
Engines: twin Moto-Guzzi V-11 KSH engines rated at 68 HP each
Height: 2.70 m
Length: 8.80 m
Rotor diameter: 7.60 m

Empty: 328 kg
Max T/O: 600 kg

Max speed: 187 km/h
Range: 428 km
Service ceiling: 4,200 m
Hovering IGE: 3,200 m

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