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If you watch carefully the people that are driving cars and suvs, you’ll be reminded of the dangers that are out there on the road.  As one guy I met today who was riding a brand new blue BMW sport touring motorcycle said to me: “it’s pretty dangerous out there with all the people that are driving while on their cell phones and drinking their Starbucks”.

It’s not that you don’t already ride while scanning for potential hazards, it’s the people that are driving without really paying any attention whatsoever.  They can look right at you and still continue to pull in front of you since they are not even processing what they are seeing.

I’m guilty as anyone I guess regarding car driving habits.  I have devoured a combo meal while driving, talked on the cell phone, and sometimes try to read the GPS navigation screen when I drive my wife’s car.  With all the gadgets in cars now, it’s more tempting than ever to take your eyes off the road, or to become pre-occupied with a cell phone, etc.

Allstate Insurance conducted a Motorcycle Survey recently that found that 2/3 of drivers say they have the most difficulty seeing bikers in heavy traffic, as well as on highways; 1/3 of drivers said it’s most difficult to see bikers at dusk.

So, assuming those drivers are all paying attention while they drive, that’s not great news.  Factoring in the coffee drinking, food eating, cell phone talking, and navigation system watching, and it winds up being an ever greater challenging environment for motorcycles.

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