To wave or not to wave.

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Sometimes it irritates me, and other times it just makes me laugh when riders of motorcycles either wave or don’t wave as they pass by each other. On one hand, you’ve got riders that are just happy to be out on the road riding. They wave to everyone. Great, why not, life’s short and so on. On the other hand, you’ve got riders that ignore any other brand or style of motorcycle other than their own. That’s just as funny if you ask me.

If people in cars felt obligated to wave to every car passing by, that would be pretty annoying too, wouldn’t it? Imagine that? It would be like, is it cool to wave at this compact car, or should I only wave at 4×4’s? I think so many motorcycle riders feel like, uh oh, this bike coming towards me might try to wave, so I have to think fast, should I wave bacK? I think most would admit thinking: is this bike worthy of being acknowledged?

I have seen quite a few motorcycle riders wave to others with not so much as a yawn in return. Hey, nothing’s wrong with a hello type of nod, but the low-hanging side arm biker wave that says, hey, I’m waving, but I’m trying not to look dumb doing it. That one is irritating to me for some reason.  Is anyone else fed up with all this biker waving?

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