Too Many Motorcycle Accidents

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There will always be accidents. I do understand that, but I’ve about had it with all the motorcycles I am reading about everyday that were involved in accidents.  Motorcycle accidents are increasing terribly, and this is a fact.  I personally saw the wreckage of a minor one last week. My friend’s neighbor was killed this week as he rode to work.  And now, two friends have told me about different ones they saw this past week, including one where a young drunk driver ran into two couples on their Harley touring bikes waiting for a light to change. I really believe it is time for all motorcycle enthusiasts to take action to help change the direction of this problem.

What kind of action?  Well, I think the best place to begin is by attending a motorcycle safety course, if you have not already done so.  There are courses designed just for experienced riders also.  Next, encourage all your friends that have motorcycles, or are thinking of getting their motorcycle license, to do the same.  Better yet, go to the course all together for more fun if you can.

The state of Florida has a new law starting on July 1, 2008 that requires all people applying to get their motorcycle license to take a rider safety course.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a lot of training throughout the U.S.  They also offer training for scooters and for dirt bikes.  If accident rates continue to rise all over America, then you will very likely see this become a standard requirement.  Young folks tend to think they are indestructible and know everything, so I personally think that the safety training is an extra good thing for them.  I might have been one of them too.

Another fast growing segment with high accident rates on motorcycles is the middle-aged crowd that has not been on a bike in many years.  They are getting in over their heads with new big heavy bikes that they can’t control as well as they thought they could.  The secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Mary Peters, is a motorcyclist and she is an example of this.  She started riding again after several years and was involved in an accident in 2005 that gave her a broken collar bone.  She credits her riding gear with saving her from worse injuries, and is working to get more people to ride with the right kind of apparel.

An interesting technique that New York State is now working on involves building up their motorcycle police force to help increase awareness of motorcycles on the streets.  Maybe this will increase motorcycle safety by making drivers of other vehicles look out more for motorcycles in traffic.  Maybe also it will make bikers think more about their own safe riding practices too.  Let’s hope we don’t continue to see a rise in motorcycle accidents, but at the same time, let’s hope it doesn’t take more laws and red tape to make that happen.

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