Evel Knievel

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As a kid in the 70’s, I remember the thrill of watching Evel Knievel on TV, maybe it was on “Wide World of Sports”, doing his latest motorcycle stunts. When he made a jump without crashing, he seemed truly super-human. In fact, he was a Super Hero of the day. But, those slow-motion scenes of him crashing will always be in my head too. Probably because they played those scenes of him crashing on motorcycles way more than they played the successful motorcycle jump scenes. Who could forget the famous Snake River Canyon rocket stunt too?

It’s great to see his son Robbie Knievel doing stunts and keeping the family deal going as he is, but for me, he is not quite the same. Even though his stunts are record-breaking and truly incredible feats, something is missing. Isn’t it usually the case that the son of a famous person can hardly ever can live up to the fame and forture of the father? The expectations to be as good and popular as the parent must be a curse to have to live with. Having to try to equal or outperform Evel Knievel’s stunts and popularity has got to be one of the ultimate examples of this.

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