Kawasaki Ninja 300 chain drive motorcycle

Is Chain, Belt or Shaft Drive Best?

After describing the 3 most common types of motorcycle drive systems, which should you go for when searching for a new motorcycle? For the regular commuter or long distance rider, my recommendation is to consider either belt drive or shaft drive.

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Tourmaster Rain Boot Covers

Riding Test of Tourmaster Boot Covers

Why do I wear Tourmaster Rain Boot Covers? Because they are comfortable and I have good feel for the shift and brake levers with them, plus the soles have very good traction at stops even when wet.

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old motorcycle battery

Motorcycle Batteries Buyer’s Guide

No one wants to deal with a dead battery when its time to ride! In this guide to motorcycle batteries, we explain the different types of batteries that are on the market including lithium, gel, AGM and traditional flooded type.

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Austra mountains on motorcycle with international motorcycle license

International Motorcycle License How to

Some motorcycle rental companies, and many countries, require you to present an International Motorcycle License or known internationally as a International Drivers Permit (IDP) with a motorcycle endorsement on it. Getting one of these is easier than you might think, but you’ll need a valid license with a motorcycle endorsement to begin with.

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motorcycle on harbor freight lift

Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Review

I needed to get my 1100cc motorcycle off the ground high enough to remove both wheels. I bought this Harbor Freight 2792 motorcycle lift on sale for $99 and it did the job pretty well for me. I explain here how I assembled and used it.

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